Assembly Augmented Reality

Assembly Augmented Reality (A-AR) is a tool that enables you to explore a range of environments through your iPad (or other mobile device). Using your tablet as a window, you can explore an alternative world around you. Perhaps you point your tablet at the wall of a marketing suite and a CG building appears. Or perhaps the world around you is annotated with notes and web links: the possibilities are endless...

Our 15 years’ experience of working with 3D environments has shown us that virtual environments are often confusing, disorientating and difficult to use; this is what led us to create A-AR for our clients.

Why choose A-AR? 

A-AR is simple to use, intuitive to navigate around and an engaging way to communicate an environment. Specially created ‘hotspots’ in the environment pop-up as the viewer explores, giving them options to touch the screen for more information, to fill in a contact form, or even to watch a film.

A-AR can be used as a small environment on a mobile device, or a large-scale projection onto a real size space. It can work with photography or with computer-generated scenes created by our specialist in-house team, or even a mixture of both, allowing the viewer to explore spaces that do not yet exist.

A-AR is managed via its own, highly flexible and easy to use, content management system (CMS). The CMS is designed to ensure in-house teams can intuitively administer the tool, adding and updating existing tours at the click of a button, with rich media content including video, imagery, text and new virtual backgrounds. 

A-AR can be used on all devices (smartphones, tablets, desktop computers) and can also be stored locally on a device to work offline.

To find out more about A-AR, or to arrange a product demo, please contact Assembly Studios on 020 7426 2080 or



Watch our short film showing Assembly Augmented Reality in action.

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